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We stock an adorable range of quality themed animal gifts sourced not only from the UK, but many sourced from abroad, including the USA. All the different categories of animal gifts can be seen in the lower left-hand menu, just under the Product Search box. Adorable horse gifts & presents, gorgeous cat gifts, brilliant anglers or fisherman gift ideas, dog gifts for the owner themselves, plus farm animal & zoo animal gift ideas! There are a huge variety of tapestry cushions, examples of which are shown above & below, also a substantial range of gorgeous dog, cat, horse & wildlife Jacquard weave throws & a wide range of dog brooches and pins - a Border Terrier brooch pin is displayed below. 

 Lady.Guinevere.Cat.Belgian.Tapestry.Cushion.jpg     Wire-Fox-Terrier-Beanie-Hat-Embroidered.jpgBorder Terrier Brooch Pin . Border Terrier Gifts UK.jpg Gardeners.Assistant.Cat.Doormat.jpg

Plus a variety of shopping & shoulder bags and decorative & outdoor doormats for dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, birds etc!

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Draught excluders (example below) and a huge range of farm & wildlife animal, horse, cat & dog socks - all now placed together under the category socks in the lower left hand menu for easier viewing.

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We also supply rollerball writing pens with optional refills, ladies dog-breed wallets or purses with designs created by Ruth Maystead, American canine artist. If its a quality animal print that you're looking for, what about animal prints by Robert May, British artist whose designs feature on many of our tapestry cushions & shoulder bags. Plus many more animal themed gift ideas!

There is a Frequently Asked Questions page, but if there is anything about our animal gift ideas that hasn't been covered to your satisfaction, please use the Contact Us page and we will endeavour to answer your animal gifts query as quickly as possible. For customer comments about our products & the service received over the years since we started trading in November 2009 please see our Testimonials page. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy your visit to our site!