Animal Brooch Pins Gift Boxed

Link to over 85 Dog Brooches & Pins Gift Boxed for UK & EU customers.

Border Terrier Brooch Pin . Border Terrier Gifts UK.jpg     chow-chow-brooch-pin-UK.jpg  wire-haired-dachshund-brooch-pin-gifts-UK.jpg  springer-spaniel-brooch-pin-badge-gifts-UK.jpg   

Very popular gifts for dog lovers in the UK over the years have been our dog brooches & pins, many of them with the name of the breed & manufacturer engraved on the reverse underneath the safety backs - virtually all are gift boxed - apart from the Great Dane which is too big for the boxes we use! There are three different prices depending on the USA or UK manufacturer & style.

We have a substantial range of dog pin badges from Afghan Hound right through to Yorkie, and for some of the breeds like Chihuahua & Dachshund we have different breed options available.

Link to 8 breeds of Cat Brooches UK Gift Boxed

  birman-cat-brooches-pins-badges-gifts-UK.jpg     tabby-persian-cat-brooches-pins-badges-gifts-UK.jpg     siamese-cat-brooches-pins-badges-gifts-UK.jpg   cat-brooch-pin-badge-gifts-UK.jpg

We also have cat brooch pins available for Birman, Siamese, Burmese & Persian cat lovers - see link above.

Link to 17 types of Bird Brooches & Pins UK 

Robin-Brooch-Pin-UK.jpg         eagle-brooch-pin-badge-gifts-UK.jpg      wren-brooch-pin-badge-gifts-UK.jpg   pheasant-pin-badge-brooch-gifts-UK.jpg

Kingfisher, Wren & Robins are among the bird brooch pins we have in stock, immensely popular gifts for bird watchers to attach to clothing.

Link to 5 styles of Owl Brooches & Pins UK 

  barn-owl-brooch-pin-gifts-UK.jpg      owl-brooch-pin-moon-gifts-UK.jpg                    tawny-owl-brooch-pin-gifts-UK.jpg              screech-owl-brooch-pin-gifts-UK.jpg

includes Barn, Tawny & Screech Owl brooch pins, some engraved, some made to look antiquated as part of the manufacturing process and one which is stylized.                        

Link to 16 types of Fish Pins for Hats

 perch-pin-badge-gifts-UK.jpg   roach-pin-badge-gifts-UK.jpg  permit-pin-badge-gifts-UK.jpg

including Trout, Bass, Bream, Carp, Salmon, Pike & many more.

Link to 8 types of Horse Brooches & Pins UK for equestrian & equine lovers

dressage-horse-rider-brooch-pin-badge-gifts-UK.jpg    horse-racing-jockey-brooch-pin-badge.jpg   running-horse-brooch-pin-badge.jpg    head-horse-brooch-pin-badge.jpg

Link to 38 Other Animal Brooches and Pins

Quality animal brooch pins made from finest pewter, gift boxed, via our online UK website, ideal for fish, horse, cat & dog lovers. Ideal for adding life to coats, ties, scarves & bags. Includes countryside & farm animals, insects, ferrets & many more.

duck-brooch-pin-badge-gifts-UK.jpg   Family-Hedgehogs-Pin-Brooch-UK.jpg    sheep-pin-brooch-badge-gifts-UK.jpg   badger-brooch-pin-badge-gifts-UK.jpg

Link to 14 types of Zoo Animal Brooches and Pins

As shown on the product description for the overwhelming majority a gift box is included in the price.

  tiger-brooch-pin-gifts-UK.jpg    gorilla-brooch-pin-gifts-UK.jpg   camel-brooch-pin-badge-gifts-UK.jpg      zebra-brooch-pin-badge-gifts-UK.jpg