Border Terrier Gifts UK & Presents

Border Terriers, or Border Terriors ( a common misspelling of the name) are an intelligent breed, & eager to please. They still retain the instincts that were bred into them from the 1700's when they were raised by country landowners in the Scottish/English Borders to hunt down foxes, mice & rats. They used to accompany riders on horseback, keeping up with the horses, squeezing down small holes to try & flush out foxes & vermin which may have been hiding-sadly, many Border Terriers were kept hungry on purpose so they'd make more efficient hunters. Border Terriers have what has been described as a an Otter shaped head, and their beautiful coats are multi-shaded, including dark grey & tan, blue & tan, red, or shades of beige & pale yellow!

Quality Border Terrier socks, cushions & bags, throws, doormats, pens, calendars & more Border Terrier gifts UK & presents for Border Terrier lovers!

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