Dog Brooches Pins UK Gift Boxed

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Dog brooches and pins gift boxed available online via UK website. Made from pewter, they have one or two safety backs each and can be worn on scarves, coats, ties & hats. The ones from the USA are a little more expensive due to import & shipping costs etc.

We also have a selection of lovely cat brooch pins adorably designed; they are also gift boxed.


If you don't wish the brooch pin to be posted in a gift box please add the word NOBOX to the Discount Code section on the Shopping Cart & you will receive £0.60 deduction in the price - we will send the pin out in a self seal bag instead. This code only applies if you wish to have one brooch pin without a gift box; if you require more than one brooch pin without gift box please use any of the methods listed on the Contact Us page & we'll arrange a way for you to receive the relevant price deduction. 

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