Dog Gifts UK: Breeds C-F

Cavalier King Charles Socks in Black.jpg   Chocolate-Labrador-Poncelet-Belgian-Tapestry-Cushion.jpg   Chocolate Labrador Wine Bottle Stopper.jpg   Chow Brooch or Pin Badge in Pewter.jpg

Dog gifts for people via our UK website re gifts for dog lovers & owners.

In this section we cover dog breeds C- F - see left hand menu for individual breeds..

Among the collection, we have gifts relating to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, so called because a certain colour variety of this Spaniel was the children's pet in the household of King Charles 1.

And we have Dachshund Gifts; Queen Victoria loved this breed!

Dalmatians are also part of the collection; Dalmatians Gifts. Dalmatians were used as dogs of war to protect the boundaries of Dalmatia in Croatia, plus there are more gifts for Dog lovers available, like Doberman Gifts, Chihuahua Gifts and Cairn Terrier Gifts amongst others!

Whatever it is, feel free to take your time and leaf through the lovely dog breed gift ideas available, and put a smile on a dog lovers face today!


Grateful thanks to Wikipedia as the source for animal facts.