Dog Gifts UK: Breeds G-P

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'To err is human; to forgive, canine!' Many would agree with that sentiment, so for the dog lover there is a substantial range of quality products always available!

We have Lhasa Apso Gifts; the Lhasa Apso was bred to alert the Buddhist monks to any intruders in the monasteries of Tibet, whose name means 'long-haired Tibetan dog'.

Also, the Pekingese Gifts, the Pekingese a favoured pet of the Chinese Imperial court, and according to many sources, British TV fans of a certain age will remember with fondness the most famous Pekingese of all being Tricky Woo, Mrs Pumphrey's overindulged lap-dog in the classic TV series 'All Creatures Great & Small'!

Chinese links echo again with Pug Gifts, Pugs who were bred to sit in the laps of Chinese sovereigns in East China! Plus we have German Shepherd Dogs Gifts, Jack Russell Terrier Gifts and many more!

Whatever it is, feel free to take your time and leaf through the lovely dog owners gift options available, and put a smile on a dog lovers face!


Grateful thanks to Wikipedia as the source for animal facts.