Monday 21st September 2015:

Dog Draught Excluders: New Waggy Dogz designs - Black Labrador, Border Collie, Border Terrier, Chocolate Labrador, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Irish Setter, Jack Russell, Springer Spaniel (2 varieties), Westie.

Monday 21st September 2015:

Linen Blend Cushions: Barney Badger, Fiona Fawn Deer, Harvey Hare, Hattie Hedgehog, Hugo Hedgehog, Honey Bunny, Rosie Rabbit, Nutty Squirrel, Ollie Owl.

Piped Country Cushions: Fawn Deer, Fox, Hare, Hedgehog, Stag, Owl, Robin

Friday 18th September 2015:

Pheasant Gifts UK: Pheasant Keyring

Dog Keyrings UK: Cairn Terrier, Labs Head, Sitting Labrador

Other Animal Brooch Pins: Family of Rabbits

Horse Gifts: Horse Brooch Pin, Galloping Horse Keyrings

Turtle Gifts: Sea Turtle Brooch Pins & Keyrings. 

Bird Brooch Pins: Puffin, Toucan

Dog Brooch Pins: Dachshund, Rottweiler

Monday 14th September 2015:

Waggy Dogz Cushions: Airedale Terrier, Basset Hound, Boston Terrier, Chihuahua, Chocolate Labrador, Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, German Shepherd, Greyhound, Hungarian Vizsla, Irish Setter, Schnauzer, Scottish Deerhound, Springer Spaniel with Black & White Markings.

Thursday 10th September 2015:

Bunny Rabbits Cushion Reversible, Fawn Deer Cushion Reversible, Mouse Cushion Reversible

Tuesday 8th September 2015:

Novelty Animal Socks: Tie Studio: Parrots with Toucans, Pheasants on Brown, Pointer, Sheep on Yellow. 

Wednesday 2nd September 2015:

Novelty Socks - Bird & Wildlife: Mallard Ducks Socks Medium, Mallard Socks UK Large. 

Novelty Socks - Farm - Horses: Tractor Socks UK Medium GreyTractor Socks UK Large Grey, 

Dog Socks: Golden Retriever Socks UK Medium CreamGolden Retriever Socks UK Large Cream, Chocolate Labrador Socks UK Medium CreamChocolate Labrador Socks UK Large Cream, 

Monday 27th July 2015:

Dog Keyrings with Paw Charms Afghan Hound, Australian Shepherd, Cairn Terrier, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Corgi, Doberman, Great Dane, Lhasa Apso, Newfoundland, Papillon, Pomeranian, Poodle, Rough Collie, Sheltie, Weimaraner.

Horse Keyrings Andalucian Horse, Arabian Horse, Quarter Horse.

Saturday 6th June 2015:

Animal Cushions Waggy Dogz: Fox Piped Cushion Waggy Dogz, Hare Piped Cushion Waggy Dogz, Rabbit Piped Cushion Waggy Dogz, Wild Rabbits Piped Cushion Waggy Dogz, Squirrel Piped Cushion Waggy Dogz, Horse Cushion Waggy Dogz, 

Friday 5th June 2015:

Japanese Chin Gifts , Brussels Griffon Gifts, Tibetan Terrier Gifts

Socks: Corgi Socks on Black, Chinese Crested Dog Socks, Great Pyrenees Socks on Grey, Whippet Socks.

Monday 4th May 2015:

Dachshund Belgian Tapestry Cushion, Dalmatian Belgian Tapestry Cushion, Weimaraner Belgian Tapestry Cushion.

Cat Brooches UK Gift Boxed: Birman Cat, Burmese Cat, Persian Cat, Siamese Cat, Tabby Persian Cat.

Other Animals Brooches & Pins: Hare, Highland Cow, Sheep.

Monday 13th April 2015:

New Socks: Corgi Pembroke in Cream, Italian Greyhound, Australian Shepherd in Indigo & Cream, French Bulldog in Cream, German Shepherd in Cream. Also Polar Bear socks, Big Horn Sheep socks, Sheep Socks, Cow socks in Grey. 

Monday 30th March 2015:

Animal Cushions Waggy Dogz: Jersey Cow, Pig

Tuesday 17th March 2015:

Tournee du Chat Noir Black Cat Tapestry Cushion

Wednesday 11th March 2015:

Wine Bottle Stoppers: Fox, Tiger, Ruffed Grouse, Trout.
Bottle Openers: Fox, Hare, Horse, Labrador, Lion, Pheasant, Tiger

Sunday 8th March 2015:

Owl Gifts UK for Her & Him: Owls Cushion Waggy Dogz

Bird Brooch Pins UK gift boxed:Ruffed Grouse, Dove

Dog brooch pins UK gift boxed: Bull Terrier, English Pointer, Great Pyrenees, Papillon, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Silky Terrier.

Dog Keyrings UK: Border Terrier, French Bulldog, Papillon, Pit Bull, Silky Terrier, Weimaraner.

Friday 27th February 2015:

Draught Excluders: Dogs Draught Excluder Musicians featuring Boxer, Choc Lab & German Shorthaired Pointer,  Cat Draught Excluder Belle EpoqueDeer and Fox Draught Excluder Belgian Tapestry

Swan Gifts UK & Presents: Swan Belgian Tapestry Cushion Bruges

Cat Tapestry Cushions: Cat Tapestry Cushion Lady Chatterley, Cat Tapestry Cushion Lord Byron

Cow Gifts UK - Novelty, Themed: Highland Cow Cushion Reversible

Weasel Gifts UK: Weasel Reversible Cushion

Otter Gifts: Otter Reversible Cushion

Badger Gifts: Badger Reversible Cushion

Cat Cushions Waggy Dogs series by UK artist Christine Varley:  Black & White Cat, Black Cat, Ginger Cat, Tabby Cat

Dog Cushions Waggy Dogs series by UK artist Christine Varley: Jack Russell, Weimaraner, Westie

Wednesday 18th February 2015:

Bernese Socks UK, Bernese Socks for Men UK

Boxing Hare Majestic Beast CushionMajestic Beast Stag Cushion

Thursday 12th February 2015:

Dog Cushions Waggy Dogs series by UK artist Christine Varley: Black Labrador, Border Collie. Border Terrier, Boxer Dog Cavalier King Charles, Golden Retriever, Pug, Springer Spaniel.

Thursday 22nd January 2015:

Dog Tapestry Cushions: Basset Holmes Belgian Tapestry Cushion,

Tartan Horse Tapestry Cushions: Horse Belgian Tapestry Cushion, Horse Belgian Tapestry Cushion B, Horse Belgian Tapestry Cushion C

Also: Deer & Birds Belgian Tapestry Cushion, Fox & Birds Belgian Tapestry Cushion, Stag & Birds Belgian Tapestry Cushion

Tuesday 20th January 2015:

New range of Belle Epoque Cat Belgian Tapestry Cushions: Belle Epoque Cat Cushion - Belgian Tapestry, Cat Belgian Tapestry Cushion, Cat Belgian Tapestry Cushion A, 

Thurs 8th January 2015:

Black Labrador Cushion, Owl Cushion, Squirrel Cushion, Duck Cushion, Schnauzer Throw, Dachshund Cushion Belgian Tapestry