Animal Brooch Pins Gift Boxed

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Quality animal brooch pins made from finest pewter, gift boxed, via our online UK website, ideal for fish, horse, cat & dog lovers. Ideal for adding life to coats, ties, scarves & bags, you'll find insects, countryside animals, tractors and many more in our other animal brooches section - well worth a look.

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Dog Brooches & Pins UK

Very popular gifts for dog lovers in the UK over the years have been our dog brooches & pins, many of them with the name of the breed & manufacturer engraved on the reverse underneath the safety backs - virtually all are gift boxed - apart from the Great Dane which is too big for the boxes we use! There are three different prices depending on the USA or UK manufacturer & style.

We have a substantial range of dog pin badges from Afghan Hound right through to Yorkie, and for some of the breeds like Chihuahua & Dachshund we have different breed options available. We also have cat brooch pins available for Birman, Siamese, Burmese & Persian cat lovers - see link below.

Cat Brooches UK Gift Boxed

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Bird Brooches & Pins UK

   Robin Brooch Pin in Pewter.jpg        Wren-Brooch-Pin-UK.jpg        Kingfisher-Brooch-Pin-UK.jpg       Pheasant-Brooch Pin in Pewter.jpg

Kingfisher, Wren & Robins are among the bird brooch pins we have in stock, immensely popular gifts for bird watchers to attach to clothing. We have a separate link for Owls as we have several styles including Barn, Tawny & Screech Owl brooch pins, some engraved, some made to look antiquated as part of the manufacturing process and one which is stylized.

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If you look at our left-hand menu you can click on the different categories mentioned above - we also have a wide variety of fish pins for hats, including Trout, Bass, Bream, Carp, Salmon, Pike & many more, also horse & zoo animal brooches all via our UK website. As shown on the product description for the overwhelming majority a gift box is included in the price.

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